Instructions for Submitting Career Development Research Award Applications

Please view the Application Requirements below and submit your complete application package to
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Application Requirements
Applications for this award must include the items below (incomplete applications will not be considered):
1. Applicant contact and membership documentation (all candidates must be ACRP individual or institutional members to be considered)
2. Letter of Introduction including the following
A. A brief overview of the applicant (i.e., resume or short biography/background information)
B. A brief summary of the candidate's qualifications for this award—note contributions to the career development community (can include activities within institutions, communities, or ACRP and other organizations)
C. Accomplishments/innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate
(Note: letter of introduction should not exceed 750 words in length)
3. Research proposal: including timeline, publication plan, subject specifics, and procedure proposed. (Should not exceed 1000 words in length)
4. Work plan showing timeline and budget
5. List of supporting materials, including reference citations
6. Letters of support: Each applicant is required to submit two letters of support recommending the candidate as the lead for this project. One letter must include evidence of support to advise, mentor or supervise the applicant during this research undertaking. Letters may be from: professors, supervisors, employers or other career development leaders
7. Interview (to be scheduled and completed after submission of application): Candidates must agree to undergo a five-question interview via Skype or other teleconferencing medium.